To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we have implemented the following health and safety protocols:



  1. We have removed tables and spread out the remaining tables to ensure they and our guests are all appropriately spaced
  2. We have ensured that no tables can seat more than 6 guests and we are not booking any groups over 6 guests at separate tables
  3. We have ensured that each table has a dedicated space for the server to stand
  4. We will be taking names and contact information from guests entering our establishment (at least one person per group) and keeping this information for at least a month
  5. All employees must receive a health and temperature check before returning to work daily
  6. All employees and guests entering the building must not show symptoms of any illness
  7. All employees are required to stay out of the workplace for 14 days if they travel out of the province
  8. All employees are required to wear a mask at all times
  9. We have asked our employees to reduce the amount of interaction they have with members of the public outside the restaurant, as well as interactions with other coworkers
  10. We have asked our employees to reduce the amount they touch surfaces and items that may be contaminated
  11. We have implemented separate entrances and exits into the restaurant
  12. We have implemented new menus that can be fully sanitized in-between use with a Health Canada approved peroxide-based chemical
  13. We have removed all items from the tables and will sanitize any condiments brought to the table between guest use
  14. We have ensured that no supplier delivery comes close to food preparation areas and any food intake is done by a kitchen employee wearing gloves and a mask
  15. We have established proper signage to ensure that all guests and staff are aware of protocols and physical distancing
  16. We have provided training to all of our staff to ensure they are aware of the protocols
  17. We have implemented rigorous cleaning schedules of all items that guests and staff touch, including but not limited to:
    1. Tables + Chairs
    2. Menus, Tablets, POS Machines + Payment Machines
    3. Door Handles
  18. We have asked all our employees to wash their hands every half hour and after touching face/mask, using the washroom, touching personal items, using shared equipment, or touching items that may be contaminated