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Glo Restaurant + Lounge

Glo Restaurant + Lounge offers unparalleled views of the Selkirk Waterway minutes from Downtown. The interior is comprised of floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the waterway and offers a sleek + modern design with inviting booths and plenty of seating at our 360° bar.

This is as close as you can get to Victoria’s ‘Inner Harbour’ without getting wet, featuring cozy blankets for cool evenings and an amazing view of the Selkirk Waterway and Trestle. Whether at brunch, lunch, dinner or late night, there’s always something to enjoy on our patio on the Harbour.

Glo’s Happy Hour

Join us from 2-5 pm for Glo’s Happy Hour

Chophouse Menu

Served from 5pm
Steaks are served with seasonal vegetables + your choice
of garlic mashed potatoes, roasted nugget potatoes or
warm potato bacon salad.

We proudly serve AAA Sterling Silver® steaks
aged a minimum of 35 days, chargrilled to your liking.

    topped with our signature glo compound butter + a jumbo onion ring
    6oz Top Sirloin 24 | 8oz NY Striploin 29 | 10oz NY Striploin 33
    finished with a brandy green peppercorn cream sauce
    6oz Top Sirloin 24 | 8oz NY Striploin 29 | 10oz NY Striploin 33
    finished with a japanese sesame sauce + sautéed mushrooms
    6oz Top Sirloin 25 | 8oz NY Striploin 29 | 10oz NY Striploin 34
    creole blackening spice + crumbled rosenborg blue cheese, finished with a brush of clarified butter
    6oz Top Sirloin 26 | 8oz NY Striploin 31 | 10oz NY Striploin 35
    accompanied with sautéed prawns in garlic butter
    6oz Top Sirloin 29 | 8oz NY Striploin 34 | 10oz NY Striploin 38
    truffle parmesan frites, garlic aioli + port wine sauce – served as described
    6oz Top Sirloin 22 | 8oz NY Striploin 27 | 10oz NY Striploin 31
  • ADD ONS: choice of
    • sautéed garlic prawns | 6
    • jumbo onion ring | 2
    • brandy peppercorn sauce | 2
    • Glo compound butter | 2
    • garlic toast | 2
    • sesame steak sauce | 2
    • port wine sauce | 2
    • sautéed mushrooms | 2
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